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Shabazz The OG

Flip Ya Life details the stages of Eric Shabazz The OG Lowe's life. From the early days through his adult years, readers discover the behind the scenes moments that made this man. In this riveting autobiography we see the choices, decisions, and experiences from his point of view. His story provides insight and inspiration, and equips readers with the essential tools to Flip Ya Life.

Shabazz The OG started working in high school-- and he never stopped. His memoir provides clarity on how he was raised at home and in the streets. Learn how he earned the respect of celebrities and people of stature and has never stopped expanding his portfolio.

About the author (2020)

Shabazz The OG started his career in the music business in high school as a rapper and radio station intern. From there he propelled into promotions, artist bookings, road management, and-- ultimately project management and consulting. Shabazz always felt his life, and means of support, would revolve around the entertainment industry. But as we know, "Sometimes we don't find our purpose. Our purpose finds us."

Much to his own surprise, Shabazz discovered that his purpose in life is to give-- by way of offering his life's experiences and collected wisdom, to those who know him or not. Shabazz has used social media as a vehicle to delve into the lives of people who needed to hear his messages. At times that proved to be critical. For others it was simply refreshing to hear someone echo their same sentiments on where we stand as a culture and society.

From his platform, Shabazz has entered the community and spoken in over 15 facilities and institutions to date. He has been the featured guest on numerous interviews. His aim is to continue sharing, motivating, encouraging, uplifting, and educating. He remains available to instill morale, confidence, and accountability to all whom he encounters along his journey.

What's his formula? TRUST, LOYALTY, and CONSISTENCY

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